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JR, West Chester

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Full remediation in James Hardie Plank Lap Siding.  Stucco finish on basement and chimney complimented real stone façade.  New shutters, fascia, soffits and gutters finished the property to perfection.

“We were very happy with Edward’s work!

We have a house in West Chester and had 3 sides with stucco and one side rock.  Our inspection did not show that we needed to replace ALL the stucco, but we did, and we chose to replace the stucco with Hardie Plank Siding.

Edward and his crew were efficient, neat and respectful.  When Edward said he was going to do something, he did!  My husband was out of town most of the time and I managed the remediation.  Edward was very easy to work with.  I can not say that I enjoyed the remediation process, especially the cost, but I will say working with Edward was a pleasure…

Not that I want to go through the stucco remediation again, but thank you for making the process enjoyable!!!”. – Homeowner