Edward Griffin | RM, West Chester, PA


RM, West Chester, PA

Category: Azek Bands, Azek Historic Sill Moulding, Azek Rake Board, Azek Trim, Bluestone Sills, Chimney, Chimney cap, Deck, Entryway, Fascias, Flagstone step, Full Renovation, General Construction, Gutters, Hardie Plank Siding, Kickout diverters, Painting, Pillars, Real Stone Veneer, Remediation, Soffits, Stone, Stucco, Trims


Full remediation to property finished in James Hardie Lap Siding.  Adams Casing trim was applied to windows and entryways, along with Azek Historic Sill mouldings.  Real stone veneer added a finishing touch to chimney and front elevation, while stucco completed the basement.

Additional upgrades were Azek Rakeboards in lieu of traditional aluminum and new gutters, fascias and soffits completed the renovations along with new entryway doors.